research :: related research about geography, story, and place

this page contains our research related to geographic storytelling in public policy, discourse, and the press. not all of it deals with Miami, but builds a conceptual base for work that appears on

news and geography 

Urban policy, press & place: City-making in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, in Journal of Urban Affairs, by Moses Shumow and Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

Zombies, drugs, & Florida weirdness: ‘Imaginative power’ & resonance in coverage of Miami’s ‘Causeway Cannibal,’ in Journalism Studies, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

There’s no place like home: Storytelling of war in Afghanistan and street crime ‘at home’ in the Omaha World-Herald, in Journalism Practice, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

“This ain’t the ghetto”: Diaspora, discourse, and dealing with “Iowa Nice,” in Poroi, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

NO OUTLET: A critical visual analysis of neoliberal narratives in mediated geographies, forthcoming in Visual Communication, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. and Moses Shumow link

Boosterism as banishment: Identifying the power function of local, business news and coverage of city spaces, in Journalism Studies, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

News, neoliberalism and Miami’s contested urban space, contracted with Lexington, by Moses Shumow and Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. link

News place-making: Applying ‘mental mapping’ to explore the journalistic interpretive community, in Visual Communication, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

Making ends (and bytes) meet the challenges of teaching multimedia at an urban, underfunded university (3-U), in Journalism & Mass Communication Educator, by Moses Shumow and Michael Sheerin pdf

the press, location, and media literacy

Visual culture for a global audience, edited by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. and Alina Rafikova. link

Media production in a transnational setting: Three models of immigrant journalism, in Journalism, by Moses Shumow pdf

Reciprocal (and reductionist?) newswork: An examination of youth involvement in creating local participatory environmental news in Journalism Practice, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr., Susan Jacobson, Juliet Pinto, and Charnele Michel pdf

Immigrant journalism, ideology and the production of transnational media spaces, in Media, Culture & Society, by Moses Shumow pdf

A foot in both worlds: Transnationalism and media use among Venezuelan immigrants in South Florida, in International Journal of Communication, by Moses Shumow pdf

Mediated communities: Civic voices, empowerment and media literacy in the digital age, edited by Moses Shumow link

Media control: News as an institution of power and social control, forthcoming, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. link

Theorizing journalism education, citizenship, and new media technologies in a global media age, in Taiwan Journal of Democracy, by Paul Mihailidis and Moses Shumow pdf

A transplanted Chicago: Race, place, and the press in Iowa City, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. link

Building boundaries: A case study of the use of news photographs and cultural narratives in the coverage of local crime and in the creation of urban space, in Visual Communication Quarterly, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf

‘Life between fingers’: A response to news photography of an ‘urban ghetto,’ in Visual Communication Quarterly, by Robert E. Gutsche, Jr. pdf