NewsGeo :: about place-making in the press

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NewsGeo looks outside of South Florida to apply communication research to local news with the hopes of supplying communities and communicators with insight into the possible meanings of media messages.

Beginning in summer 2015, journalism students at Florida International University researched local media ecosystems from 16 geographies across the US and analyzed news coverage of particular social issues and news events. (see syllabus).

By focusing on blending their research on local media ecosystems and analysis of coverage of particular social issues and news events, students in this project included in their work how their interpretations and findings related to cultural discussions of local issues and events can make “better journalism.”

Students also produced video trailers to attract attention to these research papers, which include:

  • Applying flipbook art to discuss coverage of new arrivals to Hawaii that’s driving development on potentially sacred land and scarce natural resources

  • Retelling journalists’ dominant and “boosteristic” narratives of development and city-making through bookmark art

  • Engaging users with local stories of animal news meanings of “anthrozoology” through the interactive choose-your-own-adventure tool Twine

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 10.14.13 AMClick below for some of the best reports from what is a highly experimental project focused on news from ::